"Dear Prudence"

                                                           Born on December 10, 2009

4 Months Old

Dear Prudence is a 4 month old female American Alsatian. First of all, as you watch the video, notice her calm nature. You can see how she watches, listening and paying attention to the things all around her. She is extremely quiet and mellow as per American Alsatian standards. A gentle companion dog personality is the most important feature in our breed. Next, pay attention to her wide stance that accommodates a deep, broad chest. Her large round leg bones and big feet are meant to resemble the structure and build of the extinct Dire wolf. Then, take a glance at her head. The skull is broad and not round, but more oval in shape. Her muzzle is broad, slightly shorter than the skull is long, and does not taper at the nose. Her left ear is currently standing while her right ear has yet to come up. As reported by the new owners, 4 of her 5 siblings have both ears up now, even though her mother had both ears down. Last, look at how her back legs fall straight and solid per standards as she lopes away from the camera. She is a heavy female pup weighing 32 pounds. 


American Alsatian Puppy

7 Months Old

6 Months Old

5 Months Old

Dear Prudence's Pedigree

                                        Sire                                                                           Dam